About Us

We are a social network for the clubbing crowd, both online and offline!

For Clubbers

We intend to provide everything a clubber would want. From ratings of your nearest bars to the recipes of their best delights. 

From the booking your seats to publishing your own special recipes. And from bringing you the trendiest offers to inviting you to weekly BoozNow parties!

For Bars & Beverage Brands

For bars & beverage brands we are a place to engage your customer crowd and bringing spotlight to your most unique characteristics and offerings. 

BoozNow intends to trim the gap between you and the customers by pioneering a platform built exclusively for you and your crowd.


  • Provides reviews, rating and bookings of the nearest bars in your city
  • Keeps you updated with their latest trends and events
  • Publishes your recipes and informative Booze articles 
  • Invites you to the most happening BoozNow parties