Top 4 whiskies under Rs 6000

1. Amrut Fusion
This Indian whiskey made with barley from India and Scotland. A revelation for connoisseurs when it was awarded the third best whisky by Jim Murray back in 2010, Its flavour profile is a fusion, taste marmalade and spice notes, with oak, citrus and more.

Rs 5,000

2. Bushmills Black Bush Irish
This Irish whisky is fruit and nutty in taste if you are looking for a change from the Scotch’s that dominate the market. Matured in Sherry and bourbon casks expect a richness and intensity when tasting it for the first time.

Rs 5,400

3. Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
One may find this whisky in almost all Indian home bars.It’s as good as a staple in some homes. That faith is rewarded with the scotch offering reliability, value for money, smoothness and complexity – year after year. Even with homegrown competition, experimental offerings and more, this is still a bottle worth restocking.

Rs 5,500

4. Dewar’s 12 Year Old
Its a double aged whisky, it spends six months in oak casks after its first maturation and blending, Its the best-selling scotch in the US. It’s complex enough to have hints of citrus and cherries, caramel and chocolate which makes it ideal for those looking for a dram on the rocks.

Rs 5,380

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