Best vodkas under Rs 1500

1.Magic Moments

Best vodkas under Rs 1500 2

RadicoKhaitan Group of breweries proudly manufactures its most popular vodka “Magic Moments”, in India. They are almost selling on higher quantities in rural areas of India. In maximum Indian bars and retail shops, this brand vodka is available. Easy availability makes this vodka to the top of the customer’s demand. This brand is even having different flavors, which they have termed as “Remix.” Different tints of orange, lemongrass, Chocolate and Raspberry are most popular ones. Recently company has launches “Verve Magic” remixes. It contains 38 % alcohol content in the drink.

Price Range: 500 for 750 ml

2.White Mischief

Best vodkas under Rs 1500 3

This is a translucent bottle of Vodka with blue and red packaging. This vodka Vodka is popular in India and the sales are good enough in highly populated country of ours. Again it’s a product from famous United Breweries group and has achieved 2 star rating from International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) for high standards of quality and taste. More and more, it has been awarded the most anticipated Gold certificate from International Spirituosen Wettbewerb 2007. Nowadays, this brand has more than 47 % share in the market. This brand vodka is triple time distilled vodka with assured level of purity.

Price Range: 500 INR for 700 ml


Best vodkas under Rs 1500 4

This is also produced by the United Breweries group.  They come in premium tastes and flavors like Orange, Apple, Lemon and many additional varieties, hard to find in India. This Vodka has been honored as the 2 star rating by International Taste and Quality Department. The deisgn and packaging are not that good but alcohol is great in taste. It deserves your choice in the term of alcoholic percentage also which is 43% in case of Romanov. If you wish to throw a huge party, this vodka would be economical yet perfect to show off. So buy online or get it from a retail shop, you will be always in the side of the profit if you choose Romanov vodka to charm your evening in drinking.

Price Range: 700 INR for 750 ml


Best vodkas under Rs 1500 5

The same manufacturer of Romanov is also producing Vladivar. It is made of boasts and 100 % grain. Again, it has a rich texture and quality, making it a very desirable vodka brand. It is available in some authentic flavors like Green Apple (Green Apple + Mint), Orange Zest (Orange + Pepper) and Lemon Zest (Lemon + Mint). You can taste this vodka with any Indian dishes. The volume of alcohol that it contains in vodka amount is 40 %. It prices within the affordable range that makes it popular among the average consumers.

Price Range: 600 INR for 700 ml


Best vodkas under Rs 1500 6

This British vodka is the most apt description for Smirnoff. As the origin suggests, it has great class and taste combination. Moreover, it has been awarded the Gold Medal for manufacturing best vodka on the World Spirit Awards in the year of 2012.  Diageo is the manufacturing company. Again, there is good flavor choice with Smirnoff like Smirnoff Orange, Smirnoff Vanilla, Smirnoff Green Apple and Smirnoff Lime. This vodka is having triple distilled manufacturing technique and prepares the vodka content from the purest and finest grains. The available content of alcohol in Smirnoff is 37.5 %. It is priced affordably!

Price Range: 1190 INR for 1000 ml


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