What is beer goggles effect?

What is beer goggles effect? 25

The concept of beer goggles refers to finding people more attractive after you have had a few beers.  The tv show “Mythbusters” dedicated a segment to the ‘beer goggles’ effect, in which hosts Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, and Kari Byron judged the attractiveness of people while sober, buzzed, and drunk.

Actually, when you intake a few drinks, you get relaxed and all warmed up. Therefore, its believed that during that moment you socialize more, and many times the conversation leads to flirting. However, the next day of you getting sober, you may regret your flirtation because your chosen partner is not attractive. Not everyone is subjected to this concept, but it is common enough to have a euphemism.

The study, conducted by Vincent Egan at the University of Leicester, did indeed get the opposite finding (Egan & Cordan, 2011). On average, across all the participants, people who’d been drinking found members of the opposite sex less attractive. Beer seemed to be making people appear uglier.


According to the researchers, previous research into the beer goggles phenomena has yielded inconsistent findings and has been largely limited to asking people directly about how attractive they find others.

Our advice is you should be sober enough to find your lover and later get drunk together!