Maka Zai, India’s First Premium Artisanal Rum, Enters Haryana

January 4, 2024: Stilldistilling Spirits, the creator of India’s first homegrown, artisanal rum – Maka Zai, has expanded its presence to Haryana.

Born from the philosophy to ‘Drink Well,’ Maka Zai is the brainchild of Kasturi Banerjee and is dedicated to using all-natural Indian produce that highlight the terroir of the country. Since its inception in January 2021, the brand has established a strong presence in five states – Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Puducherry, and now Haryana. It is also available at travel retail stores in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Proudly blended on Indian soil, Maka Zai holds homegrown values close to its heart. Its White Rum (Bartender’s Edition) and Gold Rum (Tribute Edition) are small-batch artisanal rums made using locally sourced ingredients from various parts of the country. The White Rum is packed with tropical flavours ranging from sweet and floral to spicy and herbaceous. Maka Zai has also carved out an entirely new category through its Gold Rum, which is an elegant sipping rum – the first of its kind in India. With hints of praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon, and honey, the Gold Rum has a creamy mouthfeel and a well-rounded vanilla accent.

“As we forge ahead on our journey to change the perception of rum in India, we are thrilled to set foot in Haryana and solidify our presence as a national brand. It has been very rewarding to witness more consumers get curious about rum and increasingly explore diverse ways of enjoying it – whether as a sipping rum or in a unique cocktail. A rum revolution is undoubtedly brewing in India, and we look forward to continue shattering stereotypes and showcasing rum as a versatile, fun, and sophisticated spirit,” said Kasturi Banerjee, Founder and Director of Stilldistilling Spirits.

“With rum sales in India growing and the market forecasted to hit $3500 million by 2031, our national expansion comes at the right time. Looking ahead, we aim to place a consistent focus on high product quality and strengthen our presence across key markets to set ourselves apart in India’s premium rum category,” added Ankur Khatri, Co-Founder of Stilldistilling Spirits, who is responsible for business operations.

Bartender’s Edition (White Rum): A homage to bartenders’ often-unsung efforts and talents, this edition is a crystal-clear, medium-bodied white rum with creamy and elegant aromas. This beautifully blended molasses spirit has floral, sweet, spicy, and herbaceous nature gives it a unique tropical note. The liquid inherits notes from the sugarcane grown in the rich, red soil around the Panchaganga river in Maharashtra used to make the rum.

Tribute Edition (Gold Rum): A premium aged sipping rum, matured for two-and-a-half-years in oak barrels impart a stunning golden hue. The first sip brings out a luscious silky, well-rounded mouth feel. On the palate, one can get hints of praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon, and honey, along with a vanilla accent, that leaves you with a long-lingering finish giving you a perfect sipping rum. The liquid inherits its notes from a blend of two spirits sourced from the Punjab and Maharashtra region.
The company also launched MESMA last year, its first limited-edition barrel aged rare rum. This spirit was born as an outcome of experimentation – the rum was left to rest in multiple casks without a period in mind. By aging the spirit for a longer duration, MESMA accentuates flavours of citrus, vanilla, apricot, oak, and cocoa to new heights. With only 600 bottles made available exclusively in Goa, MESMA sold out in less than two weeks.

Available in Haryana:
Maka Zai White Rum – INR 900-1200
Maka Zai Gold Rum – INR 900-1200

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