Dinner curated by Paul John Single Malt and BLVD Club

Dinner curated by Paul John Single Malt and BLVD Club 25

alates were prepared for an exquisite symphony of flavors as two titans in the world of luxury dining and spirits, Paul John Single Malt and BLVD Club, united for a remarkable culinary journey on October 14th, 2023. This exclusive four-course paired dinner promised to be an unforgettable evening, celebrating the art of fine dining and featuring four distinct expressions of Paul John Single Malt.

Leading the extraordinary event was none other than Aditya TV, the Brand Ambassador for Paul John Single Malt, and the culinary director himself, Chef Vikas Seth from Embassy Leisure.

Course 1: Sense and Sensibility Course:
The culinary journey commenced with the captivating “Brilliance,” one of Paul John Single Malt’s flagship expressions. As guests savored that inaugural sip, it served as a prelude to an evening of sheer indulgence, where the exquisite flavors of this exceptional whisky blended harmoniously with a surprise culinary creation crafted by Chef Vikas Seth.

Course 2: Bold and Distinctive:
A heightened culinary experience was savored with “Bold,” Paul John Single Malt’s second flagship, renowned for its peaty, rich, and intricate character. As each bite was relished, this exceptional whisky elevated the dining journey, orchestrating a harmonious medley of flavors that gracefully danced upon guests’ taste buds.

For the Small Plates:
Option 1: Zaitooni Masala Backwaters Scampi was paired with arugula and Reggiano cheese.
Option 2: Hing Roasted Pumpkin & Chena Agnolotti was accompanied by a zaffrani ginger bisque.

Course 3: Oloroso Sophistication:
Guests were enchanted by the Paul John Select Cask, Oloroso, a single malt that exudes sophistication. This course perfectly complemented Chef Vikas Seth’s The Great Indian Thali, elevating the dining journey to new heights of pleasure.

Course 4: Sweet Indulgence:
The delectable journey was wrapped up with Paul John Select Cask, PX. The lingering, dessert-like notes of this exceptional whisky complemented the delightful Anjeer Chocolate slice, served alongside velvety vanilla bean ice cream, plump berries, a white chocolate dome, and a comforting serving of warm dark chocolate.
Guests didn’t miss the exclusive opportunity to indulge in the artistry of fine dining and exceptional single malts on a night where culinary excellence met the world of premium spirits.

Event Details:
Date: October 14th, 2023
Time: 7 PM onwards
Location: CORE, BLVD Club