Best beers under 200

Best beers under 200 25
  1. Kingfisher

Best beers under 200 26

Kingfisher isn’t just a beer, it’s synonym for beer. One of the finest and best beer brands in India, Kingfisher is the most recognized and easily available brand that unites beer lovers across the country. This is the one true national player, that regardless of the difficult situation, remains the ‘King of Good Times’. Exceptional flavor, good price, and great distribution are what makes Kingfisher the most trustable and broadly consumed beer in India.

Kingfisher Blue Super Premium Beer: INR 100 – 650 ml
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer: INR 100 – 650 ml

  1. Budweiser

Best beers under 200 27

Budweiser is one of the most popular beer brands available in our country. This legendary American beer has inspired so many beer brands to come into existence. Known for its fresh and light taste, today Budweiser has become a global brand.

Budweiser Premium King Of Beers: INR 170 – 650 ml

3. Haywards

Best beers under 200 28

One of the best-selling beer brands in India, Haywards is most recognized for its iconic Haywards 5000, a brew which is one hell of a strong lager and contains 7% alcohol.

Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer: INR 100 – 650 ml

4. Bira 91

Best beers under 200 29

Bira 91 where the number 91 stands for India’s country code, is a brand new craft beer that’s taking urban India by storm. Introduced in 2015, it’s already turned out to be a household call amongst beer fans and is the very best selling premium beer in lots of the capital city bars.

Bira White Beer: INR 180 – 330 ml

5. Tuborg

Best beers under 200 30

It is one of the finest beer and is loved by people because of the combination of fine taste and economical rate. Conveniently available everywhere, this Danish brand has probably unlocked the distribution secret in India like no other.

Tuborg Strong Premium Beer: INR 100 – 650 ml