Brewdog debuts Distiller’s Cut Rum

Scottish spirits producer Brewdog Distilling launched a limited edition variation of its Five Hundred Cuts Botanical Rum, called Distiller’s Cut. Launched in October last year, Five Hundred Cuts Botanical Rum was designed to create an “interesting bridge” between rum and gin.

The new Distiller’s Cut Rum (40% ABV) blends Five Hundred Cuts with white rum that has been aged for 15 months in oloroso Sherry casks. It also contains Szechuan peppercorn, green cardamom, and clove and offers “intense” blood orange peel notes.

Steven Kersley, head distiller, said: “I created Distiller’s Cut Rum with the main aim of creating something delicious; we’re always trying out new blends and this one really hit the spot.

“Using our Five Hundred Cuts Botanical Rum as the base and dialling up the flavor using the Sherry cask-aged rum which is pretty unusual. It gives it loads of layers and is delicious in a Dark and Stormy packing load of citrus, blood orange notes which cut through the ginger.”

The rum’s branding and label design were inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell, an 18th-century author who wrote the reference book A Curious Herbal. The book was a collection of illustrations of 500 botanicals found in Aberdeen and its surrounding countryside.

Limited to 1,500 bottles, Distiller’s Cut Rum is priced at Rs 3200 (US$42) per 700ml bottle and is available to buy from Brewdog’s website. So you wanna check out this limited edition, order it now before it sells out.

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