HopsHaus: Unplug and Recharge in Bangalore’s Refreshing Brewery Escape

HopsHaus: Unplug and Recharge in Bangalore's Refreshing Brewery Escape 25

Get ready to escape the city’s chaos and embrace an extraordinary experience at Hops Haus, the ultimate sanctuary for beer enthusiasts and food lovers. With its three distinct outlets spread across Bangalore, Hops Haus offers an enticing array of beers and experiences that cater to every preference and occasion.

Hops Haus, takes beer craftsmanship to new heights, tracing its roots back to the Viking jousts and bustling European ale houses. Hops Haus is an oasis where beer aficionados can revel in the authentic charm of a beer garden experience with its inspiration from beer’s rich history, incorporating carefully sourced hops from around the world to create flavours and aromas that are simple yet uniquely captivating. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the uplifting ‘Life is beautiful’ signage that perfectly complements the essence of Hops Haus rooted in relishing the beauty of unhurried camaraderie and embracing life’s simple pleasures.

Embrace the captivating flavours of Hops Haus’ artisanal brews at their Whitefield brewery. Sample a captivating selection of six brews, including crowd-pleasers such as the Witty Belgian, a Belgian Wit-style beer bursting with tropical notes, and the Basmati Bounty, a grainy rice lager teasing the senses with hints of herbs and a sweet lingering finish. Stout fanatics will be drawn to the Ol’ Smoked Stout, featuring roasted cocoa and coffee aromas with creamy flavours and subtle smoky notes that lead to a heady mocha, chocolatey finish.

The food menu at Hops Haus is as impressive as the brews. The culinary journey at Hops Haus Brewery and Kitchen in Whitefield and the Indiranagar Taproom unveils a realm of unique flavours and innovative creations that are exclusive to these venues. Begin your gastronomic journey with the tantalising Pull Apart Masala Garlic Bread, a delightful fusion of mozzarella and bold spices that melt in your mouth. Elevate your taste buds with the harmonious blend of flavours in the Korean Gochujang Chicken Wings. Experience a burst of indulgence with the exceptional Nadru ke Goolar, lotus stem kebabs stuffed with rich cheese, and the zesty Prawn Koliwada Pop Corn. Relish the Smashed Tenderloin Burger, featuring tenderloin patties interlayered with melted cheddar cheese on a brioche bun, accompanied by delectable Haus Special Fries.

In the realm of innovative creations, savour the Tagliatelle Bolognaise, ribbon pasta tossed in a minced chicken sauce that entices the palate with each bite. To conclude your culinary journey, delve into the exquisite Hopshaus Chocolate, a decadent slice of moist dark chocolate sponge layered with Belgian chocolate mousse, garnished with truffles and berry coulis. Experience the rich and textured flavours of the Haus Fried Chicken, featuring overnight spiced buttermilk-marinated chicken double-fried to perfection, accompanied by grana padano crumbs and chopped parsley, served with a flavourful cilantro cream cheese ranch sauce dressing. Elevate your taste adventure with the Habanero French Fries, accompanied by a tantalising Jalapeno cream dip.

Chef Vikas Seth, Culinary Director, shares his perspective, “At Hops Haus, we embark on a culinary odyssey where each dish narrates a story of innovation and indulgence. Enjoy the succulence of the Tandoori Wings, marinated in yoghurt and spices, and char-grilled to perfection and treat your taste buds to the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, an indulgent delight crowned with mustard ketchup, tenderloin mince, bacon, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, and pickles, presenting an exquisite burst of flavours. These dishes are culinary symphonies that dance on the palate, showcasing the depth of flavours and textures we create. With each bite, our guests experience a fusion of culinary excellence and elevated taste, perfectly complementing the exceptional artisanal brews.”

Unwinding at Hops Haus isn’t limited to culinary delights alone; it extends to the realm of classic cocktails that can be your perfect companions in the pursuit of relaxation. Try the East Side, a refreshing blend of gin and cucumbers, or the Asian Gimlet, a harmonious mix of vodka, lime, and Secret Syrup. For a taste of the exotic, indulge in Whiskey – Briskey, a tantalising fusion of whisky, pineapple, hazelnut, and lime leaf. These invigorating concoctions transport your taste buds and offer a sip of paradise, making them the ideal choice to unwind and embrace life’s simpler pleasures.

Hops Haus Brewery and Kitchen, nestled in the heart of Whitefield, captivates beer enthusiasts with its open-to-sky oasis and bohemian vibes. As a gourmet specialty brewery and kitchen, Hops Haus offers a delightful range of experiences, from immersing oneself in lush green surroundings to savouring exquisite cocktails and culinary delights.

Venture to the vibrant neighbourhood of Indiranagar and immerse yourself in the Taproom experience at Hops Haus second outlet. This trendy establishment features an impressive array of draught beer brands on tap, ensuring a diverse selection for beer enthusiasts to explore. Discover the ideal destination to co-work or meet up after work hours, and savour the spirited ambiance of a neighbourhood bar with friends.

In a fusion of beer and co-working, Hops Haus surprises with its unconventional Taproom at Embassy One in North Bangalore. This unique space provides the residents of the area with a refreshing environment to unwind, connect with like-minded individuals, and savour the remarkable ambiance of a beer haven.

Experience the charm and flavours of Hops Haus by visiting their brewery in Whitefield or their Taproom in Indiranagar and Embassy One, North Bangalore. Whether you’re seeking an immersive beer hideaway experience or a casual environment to catch up with friends and family over delicious food and beverages, Hops Haus invites you to unplug and savour the slow sanctuary it offers.

Contact number: + 91 9606954447
Timings: 11:30 am – 10:00pm
Price: INR 1,000 for two