Jaipur excise earns 3800 crores from liquor stores

Jaipur excise earns 3800 crores from liquor stores 25

JAIPUR: After making amendments to the excise policy for the financial year 2021-2022, the department earned a whopping Rs 9,751 crore during the pandemic times.

As per the records, the revenue earned is approximately Rs 160 crore higher than the previous financial year.

A senior official said, “We have achieved good results in earning revenue against the fixed target of Rs 10,500 crore. Jaipur zone has earned the maximum revenue of Rs 3,845 crore. This is 98.25% against the fixed target.”

The state government this time decided to e-auction composite liquor stores (where IMFL and country liquor are sold at the same shop), instead of making allotment through lotteries. An official said, “Out of total 7,665 composite liquor stores in the state, the department has completed the allotment process of 5,833 liquor stores. It is expected to earn the revenue of Rs 10,500 crore once the allotment of all the shops is completed.”

Officials said, for the first time, the state government has allowed setting up of micro-breweries in the state. “Hotels, malls and other establishments after setting up micro-breweries can offer fresh beer without preservatives like glycerine that are added to extend the shelf life of bottled beer by six months. We are receiving many queries for the establishment of the new setup.

Sources said relaxation has also been provided to establish bars and this would also be a source of revenue generation. “Now, a bar can be opened after obtaining the licence of hotel and restaurant from the local body. The mandatory provision of having a commercial plot to open a bar has also been removed.