MP govt. now will deliver alcohol at your doorsteps

MP govt. now will deliver alcohol at your doorsteps 25

MP govt. now will deliver alcohol at your doorsteps 26

The excise policy for year 2020-21 of Madhya Pradesh has been renewed by its government and now new liquor shops have been banned in the state and foreign liquor can be purchased online but Indian liquor is not currently included in the policy.Apart from this, bar codes will be introduced on every bottle to prevent illegal sale of liquor.

In order to increase revenue in the proposed excise system for the year 2020-21, 2,544 country liquor shops and 1,061 foreign liquor shops will be executed with 25 per cent increase in the annual value of the previous year,” an official release said.

“The supply of foreign liquor will be done online. In order to keep an effective control over the liquor business, an effort will be made to monitor the bottle in addition to the bar code installed in each bottle. The excise policy for the year 2020-21 also includes procedural simplifications,” it said.

Few months back the Excise Department had proposed that if there a shop does not exists within 5 km radius of the liquor shop, then the liquor sub-shop can be opened there.But, this proposal was opposed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as some ministers of the ruling party Congress.

The BJP has opposed the decision for online delivery of foreign liquor. BJP state vice-president Rameshwar Sharma tweeted, “Kamalnath govt at your doorstep with alcohol. Kamal Nath ji, this step of your government in the direction of making Madhya Pradesh a liquor state will push the future of the state towards drunkenness. Your government’s intention has been cleared by the decision to deliver alcohol online at home.”

Another decision has been taken that 15 new wine outlets will be opened at tourist spots for the promotion of wine made from grapes. The fees of these outlets will be Rs 10,000 annually.