Priced to Fight – Whiskey Diaries under ₹10K

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As the festive season comes alive, expenses go up – gifts, food, winter clothes and tickets home all cost a pretty penny. We get it! So, we’re here with a Whiskey list to ease your mind (and wallet) this season with offerings from India and abroad that will have friends and relatives impressed not just by the Whiskey but by your ability to “nose” out a steal.
Starting from the bottom of the price ladder, we’ll quickly work our way up to more pricey deals:

1. Indri Trini
Starting at ₹3100 in some states, going up to ₹3800 in others, Indri’s flagship offering is a no-brainer, especially with the Platinum certification from the Global Spirit Awards in 2022. With a nose of black tea, caramelised pineapple, oak, followed up by vanilla and honey notes. If you dig a little deeper, you can uncover a more complex nose of raisin and sweet sherry notes too. A palate of gentle spice and wood characters, nutty flavours and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus and raisins. A long and smooth finish with sweet fruity flavours and a palate that lingers – it’s the perfect warming tonic.

2. Kamet Single Malt

A special introductory price of ₹2699 made this Indian Single Malt an instant hit. Now available for ₹3800- ₹4000, Kamet’s offering differentiated itself from the pack with a nose of a fruity aroma profile, oaky spice forward notes, complemented by a sweet vanilla. The palate takes over from there with a vibrant hint of oak, touches of vanilla and dried fruit notes. Finishing strong with a sweet chocolatey after-palate – Kamet is sure to make a welcome slide into your bar essentials.

3. Amrut Intermediate Sherry
Our recommendation for a middleweight contender is Amrut’s Intermediate Sherry, available at select stores for as less as ₹5420. Making itself known by winning the Indian Whisky of the year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible in 2011. Beginning with a nose of moist cake, fruity and spicy with hints of waxed oak floor. The palate hits as soon as you take a sip, plying you with an oak-based flavour, with juicy sultanas and spices as the barley kicks in. Moving to a liquoricey-orangey honeycomb bourbon theme, before finishing with a chunk of natural caramel that quietens the more exuberant characteristics with a long and elegant feeling – a holiday-friendly offering for all.

4. Glen Grant 12-year-old
Taking another step up the price ladder, Glen Grant’s middle of the pack offering is their 12-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, priced between ₹6800 and ₹7000. Opening with a nose of orchard fruits, orange and apple with a touch of pastry and icing sugar. More richness follows in the palate with sweet red apple notes and golden barley in the background. Finishing subtly with a touch of almond, this is a perfect selection for those special occasions.

5. Oban 14-year-old
The final offering on our list had to be special, and Oban has made sure of that with their most mature offering, the 14-year-old Single Malt Whiskey, that won Gold in the International Review of Spirits 2018. While most Whiskeys near this quality aim at warming a hole in your pocket, Oban competes through a very reasonable price of ₹10000. A nose filled with fresh oranges, lemons and pear. Hints of salt and peat follow that, with a palate of dried fig, spices and a smoked malt dryness. A long, smooth and oaky sweet finish – with a little pinch of salt.

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