2020 is going to be an experimental gin year!

India is the world’s fifth-largest gin consumer country, though gin is a baby in front of whiskey and beer. Its sales are small — 2 million cases (of 9 liters each) — compared to other drinks (10million-40million).

Global sales of premium bottles are growing at around 20% annually, says IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, a research firm, two-and-a-half times the rate of overall spirit sales.

In India, gin was initially considered an ideal drink for the elderly, but it has now undergone a rapid change with the coming of new craft gin, by added flavors. The limelight on gin has now become even stronger after the building of Juniper bar at Andaz Hotel in the capital serving 39 varieties of gin, with a special infusion created using citrus, floral & fruity, spices, and herbs all day.

India has also entered the global trend and is helping gain its importance in the cities. The cocktail has also entered with a comeback and left the traditional styles but is getting a makeover.

“There is a gin resurgence in the country and it is part of the trend that exploded globally about five years back,” says Aastha Gupta, brand manager of premium white spirits in India and Southeast Asia for Bacardi. “It also has a lot to do with the fact that the younger generation is drinking less but better and treat gin as a casual drink.”

As the drink has redefined itself and grown in its popularity, therefore experimenting with it is a must. Experimenting with the drink is the key to maintain its reputation in the market. The makers can play with its depth and flavors and what more!

This year, 2020 will see the coming of more bespoke homegrown gin brands with affordable rates taking over the Indian market.

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