500 liquor sub shops to be opened in MP: New Excise policy

500 liquor sub shops to be opened in MP: New Excise policy 25

According to the new excise policy of the Congress government (2019-20), presented by Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Saturday, 500 new liquor sub shops will be opened in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The number of these liquor shops is ultimately going to increase when compared to the last year.

A liquor sub shop (a sales counter) can be opened by a person holding liquor license if the distance between two regular shops is 5km or more in urban areas and 10km or more in rural areas. Also, according to the policy, additional charges are to be paid by the liquor license holder before the opening of the sub shop.

There are around 3,600 liquor shops in the state, with the state expecting a revenue of Rs 13,000 crore this fiscal.

MP excise commissioner Rajesh Bahuguna explained that a liquor sub shop should not be misunderstood as a new liquor shop. It is just an extension of a sale counter between two liquor shops in a prescribed gap. How many sub shops will be opened depends on how many liquor contractors want to do so. We have an initial estimate, but things will get clear once new liquor shop licenses are allotted.” he said. He also said that provisions should be made in the new excise policy that the government might earn revenue by controlling the sale of liquor.

The opposition party, BJP has however called for the government to repeal their latest order and said that it would lead to increasing crimes against women and would be a total disaster for the society.

Former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava said rape cases would increase because most are committed by men when they are drunk.