70 Tasmac liquor shops to reopen from today

Around 70 Tasmac liquor shops will reopen on the outskirts of Chennai from, 6th July.

These liquor shops will be reopening after 2 weeks of intense lockdown in Chennai which started on 19th June and the shops have been remained close since then. According to official sources with Tasmac, 70 liquor outlets would reopen in Chengalpet, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts.

As of now, more than 150 shops are operating in the three neighborhood districts which are at some distance from Chennai. While the 150 liquor shops are generating approximately Rs 9 crore each day, once these 70 shops will open it is expected that they will earn an additional revenue of Rs 6 crore, according to the sources.

Since the first lockdown, our country has suffered immensely, both in terms of financially and emotionally. So to overcome the financial loss all state governments and the central government is trying to find out different solutions. Opening liquor shops is proving to be a lifesaver if we remove the overcrowding of people in front of the liquor shops. The liquor industry is generating hundreds of crores every day as some Indians love nothing more than alcohol.




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