Australian Sparkling is Decanter’s Wine of the Year 2020

This year has been good for Australian wine makers and brands. Tasmanian sparkling has been named world’s best for the year 2020.It was selected above all other sparkling wines from across the globe, including Champagne.The top 100 wines are selected by most experienced and best judges, in the world, and generally the wines which are selected go through very tough tasting process with stringent parameters.

Australian Sparkling is Decanter’s Wine of the Year 2020 2

“It’s an absolute honor to be judged alongside some of the best sparkling wines from across the globe. House of Arras was born from a vision to create an Australian sparkling wine on parity with the world’s finest champagnes and sparkling wines. Today’s announcement reinforces this vision and is proof that the world’s best can be found right here in Tasmania,” House of Arras chief winemaker Ed Carr said.

The wine is made from a mix of 69% Chardonnay and 31% Pinot Noir, with grapes sourced from vineyards in Tasmania. The tirage process (where wine is drawn from barrels in preparation for bottling and undergoes a secondary fermentation resulting in bubbles) takes 13 years. Priced at AU$265.99, this Tasmanian sparkling wine also won four Gold Medals at the 2020 Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships.

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