Beer of the year 2020

Booznow expert team discussed internally, also spoke to few retailers, customers and booze experts. We declared Booznow beer of the the year 2020 winners.There are two categories, one is lager beer and one is craft.Here is our top pick.

1.Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager : Bira is the brand which is used by many heads of the the state, since Bira has installed beer tap in UN building.This “Summer Lager” is rich in colour, made with the choicest two-row barley, delicately malty with a nice balance of bitterness and dryness, a fruity summery aroma of tangerine, melons, strawberries and passion fruit.

Ankur Jain started Bira as the craft Beer quickly went places; and the Blonde is a great example of why. this particular beer is the winner against the lighter, citrusy White, this crisp lager, made with German and American hops, is the choice of the year.

Beer of the year 2020 2

2.Kati Patang Zesty Amber :Kati patang is also a very good example of “Vocal for lacal” this craft beer made by using Himalayan water from Bhutan .Gained huge popularity among Desi drinkers.We’re partial to this earthy Bhutanese brew for its all-natural malts and creamy caramel finish. Extra points for being brewed with Himalayan spring water.Brewed and bottled in Bhutan. The combination of Himalayan spring water, aromatic hops and citrus-caramel notes makes it one of the most distinct crafts on the market.

Beer of the year 2020 3

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