BevQ: The app that crossed 1 lakh downloads hours after releasing

The BevQ app, Kerala’s liquor sale virtual queue management app provided by Kerala State Beverages Corporation entered the Google Play store on Wednesday. In less than 24 hours since its release, it crossed 1 Lakh downloads just hours after it was released.

“BevQ is a virtual queue application and token generator service provided by Kerala state beverages corporation ltd. In order to maintain the social distancing especially in this COVID scenario, this app will be usable and the client can book a queue number and token for assuring his place in the queue in the specified time slot,” the description of BevQ reads on Google Play store.

The app was created by the Faircode Technologies, a Kochi-based startup to stop the reopening of the liquor outlets and to prevent the issue of overcrowding outside them. Many liquor shops have been closed as this issue wasn’t solved. Therefore, Kerala plans to manage the issue differently by using an app. The BevQ app is available for Android users, it is not clear whether the iOS users will get the app or not.

How to use the app?

  • Download the app from the playstore. Provide with your name, mobile number, and pin code.
  • Now you can place the liquor order through the app.
  • Then the customers will receive an e-token with a QR code on their mobile phone.
  • The token will be scanned by the liquor store licensee and then the alcohol will be provided to the customer.
  • The BevQ then directs the customers to the nearby outlets based on the GPS location. The e-token has the information such as the district, time slot, address, and QR code.

It is reported that the purchase can only be made once in four days in Kerala through the app and those who do not have the app won’t be able to buy alcohol in the state.Hours after the app went live and gained popularity, many users started questioning the quality of BevQ App and others said they couldn’t find the app on Play store, or the registration process always fail.

Due to a many complaints, the app has only managed to get a 2.5 rating on Play Store.


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