Celebrate thanksgiving at Drifters Breweries

Celebrate thanksgiving at Drifters Breweries 25

It’s a lot easier to start the day when you know it ends with beer.

As Thanksgiving falls on 25th November, we think the best way to celebrate the day is at the weekend-long brunch at the Drifter Breweries. While the vibe is casual, the food and brews served here mean serious business!

Thanksgiving Drunch special Deal (Thursday to Sunday):

Food: Roast chicken breast, Mashed potatoes, Veggies
Unlimited Beer at INR 899/-
Thanksgiving Brunch – Saturday & Sunday
Weekday – 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Weekend – 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

We cannot wait for you to try their craft beers that are brewed to perfection. Each beer uses an ingredient that brings out a side of beer never experienced before. Along with classic brews like Belgian Wit, German Lager, Cream Stout, Drifters also offers delicious concoctions of the golden beverage such as Vienna Lager, which has a slight biscuity or a nutty aspect with gentle creaminess to it; American IPA, which is made of bursts of caramel and tropical fruit with aroma of pineapple, grapefruit and lychee with slightly bitter finish and one of their best sellers – Kokum Cider, A refreshing and easy to drink cider gives you a sweet fizzy punch; Gentle cumin aroma, subtle the taste with the hint of spices.

So, parade in with your crew to honour the delicious amber nectar, and commence your thanksgiving by raising a glass of your favourite ale or lager. With their vast collection of brews, refresh your body and soul by cracking open a few cold ones.

We’d hate for you to miss out on this event, so make sure to mark this on your calendar to turn wishful thinking into wishful drinking!

Got 99 problems? Well, beer ain’t one!

Drifters Tap Station
Shop no.1,
Ganga Jamana Sangam building,
24th Road,
Linking Rd,
Bandra West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050

For reservation please call:
Drifters Tap Station – +91 83569 42680