Celebrate World Gin Day at Pune’s Nikkei Style Restaurant

A wise philosopher once said, ‘Home is where the Gin is’, and Soy Como Soy, Pune’s newly launched and first ever Nikkei Style Food Restaurant, serves as living proof of this adage as they are all set to celebrate World Gin Day this Saturday, 11th June 2022 by offering up good vibes, comforting food and refreshing drinks.

Conceptualized by Drinks India Company and headed by Yangdup Lama, the consulting firm that also owns and runs some of the most awarded bars, the Soy Como Soy Bar Menu features flavour-forward craft cocktails that capture the Nikkei essence.

Spoiling Gin lovers for choice, their bar specializes in 4 gins cocktails to choose from-

Oregin-To, an Oregano Infused Gin with Tonic Water and a light Fennel Syrup. A Mediterranean Herb used locally for decades in Peruvian Cuisine, Oregano makes its appearance in the OreGin-To

Pandan Plush, a Pandan infused Gin with Marrakesh Bitters and Green Dea. Pandan – an aromatic herb used extensively in Asian cuisine is the star of this drink. The addition of Marrakesh Bitters and Green Tea Syrup make every sip of this Cocktail a Plush experience

Pecky Melon, a concoction of Gin, Musk Melon and an in-house Basil Super Soda. Japanese Cantaloupe with house Basil Super Soda served in our Pecky Bird to remind you that simple things presented beautifully can also enhance your drinking experience. Musky and Pecky, our little bird will have you tweeting

Tinto, an aero-pressed coffee Negroni with Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth. A morning Negroni is the right way to start your day on the Western Coast of South America. Along with another gem- Coffee, the Tinto is something you will crave the minute you wake up


Spanish for ‘I am what I am,’ Soy Como Soy embraces the unapologetic, bold nature of Nikkei cuisine while also paying tribute to ‘soy,’ the indispensable Asian condiment. Channeling the intrigue and intimacy of a speakeasy, the vibrancy and individuality of an izakaya and the brightness of Nikkei cuisine, Soy Como Soy promises to indulge plates and palates in textures, aromas and flavours like never before.

Soy Como Soy is a perfect place to celebrate, unwind and sip on your favourite gin cocktails while you can dig into some mouth-watering food.

Address: Soy Como Soy, near Royal Orchid Golden Suites, Opp Marigold, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Contact Number: 9529378565
Meal for two: Rs.3000/- with alcohol

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