Earth Rum is the latest Indian rum in the market

A medium bodied spiced spirit, Earth Rum is layered with refreshing clove and amber undertones. As you sip, you’ll taste cinnamon-fuelled tannins and a tinge of star anise, finished with peppery, chocolatey flavours and a hint of vanilla.

For the founders, the message of sustainability was key: “Man has exploited Mother Earth, despite being an outcome of nature himself. We’ve gone so far away from our natural state as a species, and this product is a little tribute to our ultimate creator,” explains Sachin Bhamri and Vijay Khalate, while telling us about the company’s approach to zero plastic packaging. In an effort to use biodegradable materials only, the sticker on the bottle has no plastic elements, and the cork is made of wood.

While India’s history of rum is one that is inextricably linked to Coke, Earth Rum wants to encourage drinkers to enjoy the drink with just ice, a dash of water, and maybe a little soda. They’re currently working with bars across Goa to create cocktails that use the spirit in fresh and exciting ways.

Coming soon are a gold rum and a coffee variant, but for now, Bhamri says, it’s time to sip and savour, and fall in love with rum all over again.

Earth Rum is available in Goa only. Rs1,350 for 700ml.

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