Ek “BAR” khol do Please

Ek "BAR" khol do Please 25

India’s restaurant industry employs 7.3 million people. The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) estimates that nearly 40% of them have been impacted by lockdowns and business closures due to COVID.
It is already five months since all the bars are closed, in fact, many of them closed permanently because they couldn’t pay rent and salaries in such a situation. We published one article on, how popular bars and restaurants in Delhi’s famous Connaught Place and Khan Market are shut permanently
It’s a very grim situation there is no government relief to the bar owners and employees so far

Ek "BAR" khol do Please 26

Job losses have only intensified in the last two months’bar owners’ ability to continue people on the payrolls is diminishing. Earlier, smaller companies were struggling, but now even the bigger ones are finding it hard.

Assam is the only state which allowed bars to open in the state from August 2020 while following social distancing norms and other COVID-19 protocols.

A notification issued by the State Excise Department stated that restaurants are allowed to serve liquor provided they have licenses.

Earlier, restaurants were allowed to reopen on August 2 but they were not allowed to serve alcohol to customers.

We at BoozNow strongly feel that resumption of bar services in eateries and hotels must be allowed by September 2020 in view of mounting losses incurred by the owners.

The fact is People come to restaurant-cum-bars for liquor and not food only. If liquor is not allowed to be served, it will be difficult for the restaurants to survive only on food revenue.

Even as a customer we feel that it’s essential to reopen bars, people are looking for a change and a break from routine home drinking. When salon, malls, etc. can be reopened why not bars, that the debate now.