Hoegaarden & Corona slashed price by 26-57%

Hoegaarden & Corona slashed price by 26-57% 25

This famous Mexican beer Corona has received a very good response from Indian customers, since the launch.In imported beer segment Corona is dominating the market with 57% market share followed by Belgian beer wheat beer at 12% market share.Despite of high price, because of import duty mainly, Corona which earlier sold at 350 rupees a pint and Hoegaarden which sold at 125 a pint, got the reputation and market of premium beer, popular among urban customers.

Hoegaarden & Corona slashed price by 26-57% 26

Both these brands were imported until last month but are now being manufactured in Karnataka and Maharashtra, decided to slash the prices since there is no import duty( generally import duty on foreign liquor is more than 150%) and also manufacturing cost is low here.

In recent years many Indian craft beer brands have emerged like Bira, Simba, white owl, Kati Patang etc.
All these brands have got good penetration and gained significant market share.Now this move from Anheuser Busch InBev will directly impact desi brands.

Company thinks this price slash will help them widen their customer base faster and deeper in rural markets. Despite of slowdown due to Corona pandemic not the Beer, trend is still strong for these brands.

Company has rolled out the new pricing in Maharashtra, Karnataka , Goa and West Bengal, will launch in Delhi, Telangana, Rajasthan and Pondicherry in next few weeks.

New price is 190 & 100 rupees per pint, varies as per state tax structure.