How this startup is reviving the swadeshi gin

How this startup is reviving the swadeshi gin 25

How this startup is reviving the swadeshi gin 26
Goa-based Stranger & Sons – founded by Sakshi Saigal, Rahul Mehra, and Vidur Gupta in 2018 – These guys have practiced “Atmnirbhar Bharat” “VocalforLocal” since the inception of this idea of producing high quality completely local desi gin made from local ingredients. The startup’s gin is made up of an infusion of nine herbs and spices, as well as three types of citrus peels. Mostly sourcing is local. It sources its junipers – the product from which gin derives its predominant flavor – from North Macedonia, while the herbs and spices come from different parts of India. This combination of locally sourced herbs and spices makes this particular brand of Gin taste special.

How this startup is reviving the swadeshi gin 27

India used to produce Gin and tonic water during the British, we can say India is an original producer of Gin and tonic water globally. The world-famous gin and tonic drink was originally created in India by the British East India Company to make quinine – antimalarial drug – more palatable. Indian soldiers were assigned a gin ration, and the alcohol slowly gained a small following in the country. Post-independence, with a sharp focus on being self-sufficient and the importance given to ‘swadeshi’ products, gin was left to perish on the fringes and anything that circulated in the country was shipped over from England.

Currently present in Mumbai, Pune, Goa, London, Thailand, and Singapore, Stranger & Sons says it plans to launch in Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata soon. It sells to restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and online, directly to consumers, where it is permitted. The founders seeded the startup with their personal savings and raised a small pre-Series A funding a year after setting up. Its main competitors include Magic Moments vodka maker Radico Khaitan’s craft gin, Jaisalmer, and Nao Spirits.