How to identify fake booze

Have you ever experienced that the liquor you bought was not tasting the same as the last time, consistency, colour and texture was also different, especially when you bought it from some random shop, not from your regular retailer.In that case you might have purchased spurious liquor.Unfortunately this happens in the all parts of the country.

How to identify fake booze 2

High demand of imported and IMFL booze has helped bootleggers to create spurious liquor and sell them in original bottles. Some times even bottles are fake “Chivas Regal” would be written as “Chivas Rigal”. It is not very easy for most people to find a difference between real and fake booze especially when you are purchasing it from some decent looking shop, you are mentally conditioned that you are buying the real booze by paying the real price.

You can easily spot the fake booze by carefully following these tips.

1.There is dedicated government website and app to check the spurious liquor “mLiquorSaleCheck” you can check the authenticity by scanning the bar code of the product.

2.Try to buy only from authorised retail shop.Insist for a proper bill for your purchase.

3.Look closely at the packaging, if the bottles are also fake then there would be significant difference you can spot in logo, colour and size used in the packaging.

4.Never accept a product which might seems previously been opened.

5.Check the government tax stamp (For example, security hologram or paper label with QR code) at the neck of the bottle.These are extremely difficult to copy and replicate for counterfeiter

6.Check the manufacturing and expiry date, if dates seems to be long ago, then most likely this is spurious bottle. Counterfeiters collect empty bottles from bars and they fill them with fake booze.

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