Luxury Liquor-Tech Company, Comte De Grasse Launches Two Spirits in India

Luxury Liquor-Tech Company, Comte De Grasse Launches Two Spirits in India 25

Delhi, October 13, 2023: Comte de Grasse, a liquor-tech company dedicated to reinventing luxury spirits with a commitment to sustainability, today announced the launch of its flagship spirits – 44°N Gin and 06 Vodka Rosé in India. Headquartered in the heart of the world’s perfume capital in France, Comte de Grasse was founded in 2017 by visionary entrepreneur Bhagath Reddy.
Comte de Grasse draws inspiration from two traditionally similar industries – perfume and spirits – to pioneer a new era in distillation. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on modernizing age-old processes, the company combines fragrance science and techniques like ultrasonic maceration, vacuum distillation, and CO2 extraction to segment spirits into distinct flavor categories to create small-batch luxury spirits.
The luxury market in India, including luxury spirits, is being propelled by demand from younger customers and a growing economy. It is slated to expand 3.5X by 2030. Speaking on this Bhagath Reddy, CEO and Founder of Comte De Grass said, “Luxury drinks as a segment have relied heavily on age and tradition as a marker for quality and there has been little innovation other than exalted age claims. At Comte De Grasse, we are rooted in science and draw inspiration from the fragrance industry that follows similar distilling methods to spirits. By using science as disruptor for tradition, we aim to pioneer a more modern approach to sustainable luxury spirit production and create distinctive, qualitative spirits that offer a unique experience.”


Housed in the iconic 19th-century perfumery, the distillery stands as a testament to Comte de Grasse’s commitment to preserving heritage while embracing the future. The earth-red chimney, an emblem of tradition and progress, overlooks the Provençal landscape, symbolizing the merging of legacy and innovation.


44°N Gin: Created to capture the luminous depth of the sea and the windswept aromas of the Mediterranean in every drop, this gin embodies what the light of the region. The goal of the liquid development process was to capture “light as a flavour and illumination as a scent” After a 15-month long R&D journey to study over 200 botanicals, 44°N Gin was launched in 2018, with a flavour layering formula inspired by the perfume industry.
Product Details
Size: 500 ml
ABV: 44%
O6 Vodka Rose.jpg
MRP: ₹ 11,230 /- Delhi
MRP: ₹ 9,800 /- Haryana
MRP: ₹ 8,910 /- Uttar Pradesh

06 Vodka Rosé: A 100% French Vodka Rosé, 06 is a celebration of Provence’s natural beauty combined with modern distillation and extraction methods. This Super-Premium vodka is created using an extract of the finest Organic Rosé wine from Chateau Vert, AOP ‘Côte de Provence,’ infused into smooth, French winter wheat Vodka. It encapsulates the essence of the French Riviera, delivering an exquisite sensory experience.
Product Details
Size: 700 ml
ABV: 37.5%
MRP: ₹ 6540 /- Delhi
MRP: ₹ 5800 /- Haryana
MRP: ₹ 5640 /- Uttar Pradesh

Currently available in France, United Kingdom, Australia and 9 other countries globally, Comte de Grasse invites India to embark on a journey of taste and luxury with the introduction of 44°N Gin and 06 Vodka Rosé. Both products are also available in India at the Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad duty-free. In India, the spirits are being exclusively imported by Dhall Foods and Beverages pvt. Ltd. (Email: