Taftoon Bar and Kitchen hosts tasting session

Taftoon – Bar & Kitchen is an ode to the flavors of the Grand Trunk Road and recreates a gastronomic journey from Kabul to the ancient site of Chittagong. Culture, traditions, cuisines are brought together through an exploration of authentic recipes recreated for the modern day.
Taftoon Bar and Kitchen hosts tasting session 2

We at Taftoon are glad to have been a part of Segredo Aldeia – ‘Secret Village’. Tucked away in the tropical woodlands of Portuguese Goa, here is a rum which is a part of the most valuable treasure in history. Segredo Aldea retold the story of its famous rum.Available in two variants – White Rum and Cafe Rum, the event began with a sit-down tasting session of both these rums. The bartenders showcased a few signature cocktails prepared using each of these rum variants. Later, the team conducted a cocktail contest among the guests with the winner taking home a bottle of Segredo Aldeia Rum.
Delighted to have been a part of the event, Rohit Arawandekar, General Manager says, “I enjoyed being a part of this tasting as we as a brand are focused on everything Indian ie. rich in history and go all out in being vocal for local. Segredo Aldeia is a rum that is made in India, with a genuine thought of elevating their customer’s taste and palate and that’s what really struck me.”

Taftoon Bar and Kitchen hosts tasting session 3

Restaurant owner, Pankaj Gupta says, “We are very excited for Indian alcohol to launch in the market, tell its story and we love to be a part of such events. It’s been a while and we loved interacting with key stakeholders from the fraternity. Also, it’s always great to see more smiling faces and we truly enjoy such social interactions taking place at the restaurant.”

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