Top 4 Budget whiskies

Top 4 Budget whiskies 25

1. Royal Green Whisky

Top 4 Budget whiskies 26

Pretty light on the wallet, Royal Green is a fine blend of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malts. Initially matured in the Bourbon casks, the dram is later aged in handpicked Oloroso sherry oak casks with gives it a complex texture making it a great pick at this price. The malt has subtle notes of price, fruit, vanilla, cut grass, the finish is medium in length and spicy to peaty to the end.

Price: Rs 1010 for 750 ml

2.Grant’s Distinction

Top 4 Budget whiskies 27

From premium distiller William Grant & Sons, Grant’s Distinction is a blended Scotch whisky that has been hand-picked for smoothness by master blender Brian Kinsman for the Indian market. The whisky gets a very distinctive taste thanks to the strong character of raisin cake that dominates throughout the blend. Retaining the brand’s style, it has a smooth texture with delicate fruit and a spicy palate that gives it the perfect finish.

Price: Rs 2,500 for 750 ml

3.The Famous Grouse

Top 4 Budget whiskies 28

Rested longer for smoothness and filtered at a higher temperature for richness, The Famous Grouse is a beautiful blend golden blend that makes for a great toast. The moment you try this one the aroma of candied fruits, buttery shortbread, citrus peel fill your nostrils. The blend is matured in hand-crafted oak casks that gently infuse subtle shades of flavour. The sweet, clear and well-balanced concoction gives notes of dried fruit, soft spices (cinnamon/ginger), a hint of oak.

Price: Rs. 1,410 in Delhi and Rs. 2,995 in Maharashtra for 750 ml

4.Cutty Sark

Top 4 Budget whiskies 29

The brilliant blend starts with Scotland’s finest single-malts from Speyside, which is then blended with grain whiskies and matured in American oak casks for greater satiety and complexity to the flavor. Following the traditional process – the matured blend is married which brings the best texture and colour. The alluring golden liquid has a nose of fresh vanilla and citrus fruit with clean notes of vanilla ice cream and caramel giving it a refreshing and light palate. The whisky has been in existence for over 90 years and certainly deserves to be part of your bar.

Price: Rs. 1,560 in Delhi, Rs. 1,980 in Telengana Rs. 2,900 in Maharashtra and Rs. 3,170 in Kerala for 750 ml