Try these top 10 beers under INR 300

1.Simba Stout – Rs 175
Light bodied and low on the bitterness scale, the coffee chocolate nuances and roasted texture make this a stout you’ll find yourself stocking up on.

2. White Rhino Brewing Co.’s Belgian Wheat – Rs 160
A small-batch, aromatic wheat, this Belgian-style beer is packed with Curacao orange peel and organic coriander, and is as refreshing as it sounds.

3. Bira Light – Rs 140
At only 80 calories a bottle, this is a great guilt-free beer if ever there was one.

4. White Owl Spark – Rs 110
The Belgian Wit from this popular Mumbai brewery is easily a favourite, both for its light-bodied texture and summery citrus notes.

5. Kati Patang’s Saffron Lager – Rs 150
A light-bodied, Himachal-born craft, this brew is notable for its earthy palate and subtle nuances of Pampore (Kashmir) saffron.

6. Kimaya Himalayan Beverages’ Yavira- Rs 160
If you’re after a home-grown brew that doesn’t hold back on the hops, you’ll find it in this nuanced, Himalayan-water based number.

7. Heineken Lager – Rs 130
A pale lager with honeysuckle notes and a malt-banana palate, it’s no surprise this Dutch-origin beer has stood the test of time.

8. Goa Brewing Co.’s Breakfast Cereal Stout – Rs 280
A top-of-the-morning beer, this milk stout, brewed with oats and sugar, and then matured on cacao nibs, is practically a liquid breakfast – with a kick.

9. Kimaya Himalayan Beverages’ Strong BeeYoung – Rs 150

Made with Argentinian two-row barley, this crisp and minimal craft delivers more of a hit than its sunny yellow exterior lets on.

10. Briggs Brewery Griffin – Rs 140
Look to this Belgian-style golden ale for a bolder brew. Strong and fruity, it’s the surprise hit of spice that really gives this Bengaluru brew a little extra something.

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