What is the the right food to eat with Tequila

Tequila within the last decade, has become one of the most popular liquors in the world, with high-
end and bespoke brands stepping the market and finding a platoon of fans. If you might like to learn
about tequila, drinking it with food you love then read on.

Let’s start with some basics. Tequila is a distilled spirit primarily from the Mexican region
surrounding the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco, and its made from blue agave. It is an essential
ingredient in the famous margaritas, tequila shots are also very popular, and tequila is part of many
cocktail recipes. There are three types, ranging from least to most complex Plata, Reposado & Anejo.
And all of them are often superb alongside food.

Plata, or silver, tequila has a distinct agave flavor and a natural sweetness; it is light with a rather
refreshing taste and is a perfect match for lighter foods. Plata has a transparent, light straw color
and taste notes are citrusy, fruity, or herbal. It can be paired with seafood, or salad or any light
snack. This tequila wont overpower but will rather offer a bright element which can make the
flavors of both the food and the tequila shine.

What is the the right food to eat with Tequila 2

Then comes Reposado, which varies in color but mostly is amber-tinted. It’s full-bodied and may
taste a little sweeter and intense than Plata. Reposado’s woody, oaky, at times vanilla notes go well
with soups, and stews, or with heartier dishes like tacos or Indian spicy food like Rogan josh.

Then, there is Anejo, it is the boldest of all the tequilas and has most intense taste and color. A grilled fish or chicken tikka masala will taste richer alongside an Anejo. But this variety, which can also have caramel notes, also goes incredibly well with desserts, from cookies to cakes; you can even spike your hot chocolate with it.
What is the the right food to eat with Tequila 3

Don’t limit your tequila food pairings to just a few cuisines. French, Italian, and even Indian cuisine
all have dishes that can go well with tequila. If you stick to the basic ‘Tequila pairing guidelines’ then, drink Plata with lighter foods, Reposado with heartier dishes, and Anejo with heavy meals or
desserts, and you cant go wrong.

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