World Negroni Week

Negroni Week is here! A whole week dedicated to the classic cocktail (and its many not so classic twists) is celebrated from the 12th – 18th of September.

An Italian cocktail, the Negroni is traditionally made with Gin, Vermouth, and Campari. The Negroni was known to signify the balance of good and bad things in life, mainly because it perfectly balanced bitterness and fruity sweetness. The perfect drink for experimentation, the Negroni is three ingredients in equal parts.

As cocktail culture steadily grows in Bangalore, more and more people are experimenting with classic cocktails – adding their signature twists to drinks and elevating them to new heights. Bars around the city are getting more adventurous with their takes on traditional drinks and serving deliciously wild concoctions.

Curry Leaf Negroni

An ode to South India, the Curry Leaf Negroni at RCB Bar and Café is a new take on the classic cocktail. This drink involves fresh curry leaves infused in sweet vermouth for 24 hours. The curry leaf garnish ties the whole drink together, bringing out fresh green flavors. This is the perfect cocktail to spend the evening with and pairs well with Mediterranean Pizza or Baked Crab.

Ingredients –
25ml Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
25ml Campari
A tender twig of curry leaf to garnish
Method –
STEP 1 – Measure out the Gin, Vermouth and Campari into a cocktail mixer with ice. Add in curry leaves and muddle it. Stir it well.
STEP 2 – Strain into a tumbler and add some fresh ice. Garnish with a tender twig of curry leaf.

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