World Tequila Day, July 24th, with RCB Bar & Café

World Tequila Day, July 24th, with RCB Bar & Café 25

This World Tequila Day, July 24th, let RCB Bar & Café quench your thirst. In collaboration with guest bartender, Vimal, RCB Bar and Café brings you a different and exciting take on cocktails, all featuring Tequila.

“Tequila, the spirit of Mexico, is made using the Blue agave plant, a plant that takes seven years to mature before it is processed into what we consume. The day itself dates back to 1666. I think topical days are good because they bring more focus and awareness to that spirit. And as India’s alcohol market is evolving, many home-grown brands are emerging and special days like this give them the right platform and visibility. Tequila, as a spirit, while most commonly consumed as a shot, is a very versatile spirit that makes excellent cocktails. And as the cocktail culture is gaining popularity, we see several customers requesting drinks like Fonda- lina from our menu. A Tequila based cocktail with flavours of grilled pineapple, black pepper and lemon. Locally there is Desmodji, and we use it in our cocktails at the RCB Bar & Café. At RCB Bar & Café we’re celebrating World Tequila Day by hosting a Bar Takeover with some exciting cocktails that feature Jose Cuervo – one of the most popular tequila brands in the world. Our cocktail lineup includes Especial Sours and Sigma Palomas, among others.”