3 strongest beers in the world

3 strongest beers in the world 25

1.Schorschbräu Schorschbock

3 strongest beers in the world 26

In a battle between two giants of the beer world, BrewDog (whose beer comes next on this list) launched their Nuclear Penguin and Schorschbräu released Schorschbock. There are two options for this beer, one with 57% ABV, which was available to a small section and later discontinued, and one with 43% ABV (relatively modest), which was released in 2015 and is still available.

2.Brewmeister Snake Venom

3 strongest beers in the world 27

With a whopping 67% alcohol content, the Brewmeister Snake Venom is the strongest beer in the world. And, with that potency, it should be obvious that the drink is to be savoured in small drams. Although Brewmeister is not available for sale anymore, the UK-based company is still producing a range of super-strong beers.

3.‘t Koelschip Start The Future

3 strongest beers in the world 28

If there’s one beer you must try before you die, it is the Start the Future. Although the ‘t Koelschip brewery has now been renamed to JN Whiskey Distillery, they still sell the old beers. With 60 percent alcohol content, one pint of this beer is enough to set you straight for a whole night. Partying on a budget? Stack up on these.