4 alcoholic drinks with edible gold

1. Goldwasser Danzig Liqueur

4 alcoholic drinks with edible gold 2

This is a very strong and herbal liquor that is made from herbs and spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, thyme, coriander, and juniper and has a syrupy texture. The drink was invented by a Dutchman from De Lier and the drink is imported from Nörten-Hardenberg. This drink has small flakes of 23 karat gold suspended in it.

2. Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka

4 alcoholic drinks with edible gold 3

Gold Flakes Supreme is the only depression proof vodka available. This popular vodka is made with 24 karat gold flakes that sparkle with its gold accompaniment. It is made from crystal clear underground spring water, drawn and filtered to standards of ultimate excellence.

3. Smirnoff Gold

4 alcoholic drinks with edible gold 4

Smirnoff Gold contains edible 23-carat gold leaf, that glitters the entire glass. It is an epitome of luxury, with a great, subtle cinnamon spice taste. This drink is a blend of Smirnoff No.21 premium vodka with natural cinnamon flavoring and visible flakes of edible 23-carat gold leaf.

4. Gold Cuvée Wine

4 alcoholic drinks with edible gold 5

This is definitely a high quality sparkling dry wine with 22-carat gold. The drink is made using specially selected Pinot Blanc grapes – creating a subtle, refined sparkling wine which is full of fruitiness. The characteristics of the drink are dry, fresh and crisp with a round texture and long finish. It is more of a celebratory drink with fine crystal bubbles.

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