Are you getting tipsy over Fake alcohol?

Are you getting tipsy over Fake alcohol? 25

Fake alcohol is a burning issue across the world. Due to the increasing demand for alcohol, Indians are often fooled by selling fake alcohol packaged in an expensive-looking bottle. Yes, as the price and demand of a particular product increases, so does the chances of making counterfeits. Intake of these cheap liquor can lead to serious liver and other problems.

We’ve come up to your rescue and brought with us 7 tips to avoid buying or consuming fake alcohol.


  1. Check for the spelling:

The easiest way to spot out fake alcohol is to check for the label of the bottle. You can find the quality of the label worn out or a spelling mistake, that’s the catch. Sometimes, even their packaging can appear messy and unusual. You will find bumps or a dull, worn-out label on such bottles.


  1. Check out the price:

The old saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” is true for fake alcohol. Many times cheap prices of liquor tempt the buyers to purchase it for large quantities. But, keep in mind that counterfeit liquor prices are very low and these are mostly sold in bars under the label “free drinks”. Always check the original prices of the liquor before purchasing it.


  1. Check out the place:

Always buy the liquor from a reputable retailer or else you can be tempted to fall in the trap of small vendors trading fake and cheap liquor. Beware of purchasing alcohol from an unfamiliar website, from individual salespeople, or car boot sales.


  1. Sniff the liquor before:

Alcohol smells strong, woody or fruity depending on the flavor you consume. But, fake hard liquor contains a high amount of methanol and that’s’ why it smells like nail varnish, turpentine, or chemicals. This chemical is so hazardous that it can lead to the death of a person.


  1.  Checkout for stamps and barcodes:

All alcohol bottles that are sold in Delhi comes with a QR/ barcode sticker that is usually incorporated on the label or is stuck on the glass. Always have a barcode checker on your phone and check the particular barcodes. Commonly fake alcohol bottles have fake barcodes as well.


  1. Check out the color of the liquor:

Many a time, the shade of the liquor is too dark or too light and that’s a red signal. If you spot any unusual or different in color than maybe you’re right and that’s fake alcohol served in front of you.


  1. Check out the taste and hangover the next day:

Alcoholic drinks taste have a kind of heat and spice to it, which is natural in its way but, fake alcoholic beverages have a high level of methanol in it, that can give you a burning sensation. It can last on depending on the level of the chemical in it.

Any kind of hangover is bad for you, but when you consume chemicals present in the fake alcohol, it can blow off your mind. That can be terrible for you and your health.