Covid impact, many restobars closed permanently in Noida

liquor sales is on the rise despite lockdown and Covid spread, booze demand is completely unfazed by any Covid induced slowdown of economy.In 2020 entrepreneurs have paid 25% extra fee to obtain the liquor shop licence in Noida. However at the same time almost 15 restobars have been closed permanently due to less customers visiting bars.Most of these bars are located in sector 18 market and Garden Gallaria mall.Bar owners have decided not renew their licences which expired in September 2020, licence renewal cost is 10 lakh per year.Licence cost of running a wine shop is much higher (1.25 crore) than the licence fee of running the bar.

Bar were allowed to operate from sepetember 3rd 2020 with many riders as a-preventive measures to fight Corona like social distancing, number of customers allowed at one time, using sanitiser, mask and closure timing of bars which is 9 pm.

Booznow spoke to few Bar owners and most of them said the same thing, it is not viable to run bar business with such a high rent, salaries and with this kind of low customer footfall.

Liquor shops got the permission to open in July in Uttar Pradesh, so they got enough time to recover losses.Many bar owners couldn’t cope with the current scenario and mounting losses.

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