My best 5 winter cocktails

My best 5 winter cocktails 25

Winter is almost here we all love something about the winters, there is so much variety available to eat and drink. There are festivals and parties also at the peak winter, we don’t want to come out of our bed and “Razai”.To enjoy winter weather more with your alcoholic beverages is always fun. Here is the list of my top 5 winter cocktails.

1. Hot Buttered Rum
My best 5 winter cocktails 26

Sweet, spicy, and warm, it does not get much more relaxing than a ​hot buttered rum after a long winter day. It’s the ultimate fireside cocktail and you can prepare the batter ahead of time to make it even easier when guests stop by.

2.Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
My best 5 winter cocktails 27

What would winter be without a steaming cup of hot chocolate? Create your very own gingerbread syrup, then use it to make this gingerbread hot chocolate recipe. It’s spiked with either spiced rum or ginger vodka and is absolutely delightful.

3.Hot Gin Toddy
My best 5 winter cocktails 28

While most toddies prefer the dark spirits, the hot gin toddy offers an intoxicating array of aromatics. This steaming cocktail gives new life to a great gin’s botanicals, simply enhancing them with hot water, lemon, and sugar.

4.Classic Manhattan
My best 5 winter cocktails 29

If you’re looking for something in the realm of a martini that’s ideal for cold days, the classic Manhattan is perfect. Make it with rye, bourbon, or Canadian whiskey, and pair it with your favorite sweet vermouth. Each style and brand of whiskey will give it a different nuance, so you can spend the entire winter exploring the options.

5.Irish Coffee
My best 5 winter cocktails 30

When you want to spike your coffee, there’s no better way than with a classic Irish coffee. It’s an iconic drink that will long remain a favorite and it’s actually much simpler than its reputation makes it seem. All you need is Irish whiskey, sugar, cream, and the richest, strongest coffee you can brew.