Does alcohol affect everyone the same way?

Every person is different from the other, and therefore their alcohol effect also varies. The main reason for this is the way their body processes alcohol. Some people are capable of gulping down the entire bottle without a buzz, while others feel intoxicated on having just a can of wine. This is called Alcohol tolerance, which means some people can drink heavily before feeling its effects than others.


Studies reveal multiple factors indicating how alcohol affects people differently:



Sex plays an important role in the way alcohol affects people. Because of structural differences between men and women, the effects of alcohol are felt more by women than by men, even if their height and weight are equal. A man’s body will dilute alcohol faster than a woman’s body can, which is the main reason why women feel more tipsy with a half glass of beer. Also, women’s bodies produce less dehydrogenase, an enzyme that the liver uses to break down alcohol.


Body size

This is the most obvious factor that could differentiate how a person could handle the effects of alcohol. A 4’8” will be more sensitive to alcohol than a 6’10” man. The taller and bigger person will have diluted drug distribution and the alcohol effect will be a lot less.



Aging eventually leads to an increase in the body fat and shedding of the muscle tissues. Since fat fails to absorb alcohol, older people have a higher level of alcohol in their blood system until their liver can process it. That’ why older people get intoxicated faster and for a longer period.


Tolerance and Dependence

These factors are psychological and reveal the effect on the behavior of people when intoxicated. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol can increase our tolerance level and can also develop an addiction to alcohol. And, it’s believed that alcohol is consumed to make one feel more relaxed and happy-high.



Another unique thing to each individual is our metabolisms, the chemical process which breaks down food or fuel into energy. People with high metabolisms can easily break down alcohol. The faster the alcohol is metabolized, the lesser the effects are felt and vice versa.


Binge drinking

Binge drinking is considered to be five drinks or more for males and four drinks or more for females.

Binge drinking makes you feel the urge of drinking more and more. But, you should avoid this for the sake of your body.


Food consumption

The amount of food in your stomach can also make a difference while you’re drinking. Absorption increases, when you’re empty stomach because then the bloodstream will absorb the alcohol at a faster rate. If you’ve eaten a hearty meal before drinking, fewer effects will be felt.


So, drink responsibly and enhance your enjoyment in life!

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