HipBar: Now order from your home, drink responsibly

It’s all about raising the bar — and the team over at HipBar took that literally, and moved their bar to the cloud. Pipped as “the bar on the cloud”, HipBar is a mobile wallet and India’s first digital currency exclusively meant for transacting adult beverages. The HipBar ecosystem serves as an age-verified platform, and a responsible marketplace.

Through the HipBar Mobile App, you can explore a wide selection of drinks from your favourite drink and liquor stores, pre-pay for the drinks (at very special prices) and stock them in your app on the cloud. When you feel the thirst, you can get your drink served from your bar on the cloud account, from liquor stores and bars.

HipBar is founded by Chennai-based entrepreneur Prasanna Natarajan. He previously founded Sipping Spirits, India’s first boutique spirit bottling company in 2007, quietly carving a niche in the Indian alcohol beverage space.

“I have been running Sipping Spirits as a hands-on entrepreneur for a decade after setting it up from the scratch. I faced numerous challenges in growing the business and when I spoke to the industry leaders, surprisingly they all echoed the same sentiments — which is when I realised the problems are endemic and size did not matter. Early last year, I put together an action plan to challenge the status quo, and come up with answers to the industry’s problems through technology. That action plan is HipBar”.

“The customer can redeem his/her brand either in full or in serving sizes at partner restaurants, bars and pubs. The consumption will be recorded in his account and the balance drink can be used later on,” said Prasanna. This facility, he said, promotes responsible drinking as well, for the consumer.

“So a user who has booked a bottle of whiskey ‘on the cloud’ will pay for the portion consumed using the app, which will immediately update the volume left for later consumption,” says Natarajan. “As of now, the corresponding prices of these portions are jointly decided by us with the outlet based on the market value of the liquor, but we will soon give restaurant managers access to a digital portal where this can be managed independently by them,” he added.

This app can surely be called the next big thing for the Indian drinkers as they enjoy booze at their doorstep that too with discounts. What more can we ask for.

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