Kati Patang: A beer made from natural Himalayan water

This widely demanded beer is a freshly new crafted and brewed drink. The drink was launched in Delhi in October 2018.

Shantanu & Lata Upadhyay had a strong thing for craft beers and thus started the journey of Kati Patang, which marks the importance of free spirit inside us all and focusses on “No strings attached”. The owners said, “Like an unfettered kite that floats across the open skies, Kati Patang stands for the uninhibited, free spirit that lies within us all.”

The couple traveled to Bhutan where they happened to found the Serbhum brewery, the place where Kati Patang is brewed. Here, the natural spring water from the upper Himalayas is collected for the brewing process, bringing an incomparable taste to the beers. The beer is available at Auro Kitchen and Bar, Summerhouse Cafe, The Bar Cat, The Beer Cafe, and Raasta, among other places in the city.

Kati Patang is getting a hold of the Indian beer market and is available at a reasonable price (500ml for 100rs.) known for its unique taste. The beer is made with pure Himalayan water and is brewed and bottled in Bhutan. The brand makes sure that water is used to remove any waste produced during the brewing process. The brand has pledged 2% of its annual net profits to water conservation initiatives and projects.

In 2018, Kati Patang launched its first beer called Zesty Amber, the color is a rich, golden with medium caramel flavor. The drink is brewed with the purest Himalayan spring water and is punctuated by light citrus notes. Another beer launched by the brand is Snappy Wheat. The drink is packed with the flavor of lemon rind and has a kick of Indian spice finish and has notes of peppercorn, coriander, ginger, and turmeric.

You can find these amazing beers in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore currently.

Go and have a sip of this amazing beer!

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