Quality red wines under Rs 2,000

1. Villa Maria Marlborough Pinot Noir
Quality red wines under Rs 2,000 2

With its mix of both red and dark, there’s almost as much cherry happening here as a Pop Tart . It’s also got tones of red berry and spice that give it depth, make a particularly juicy wine. Subtle aromas of dried thyme and rosemary, intermingled with blackberries and blackcurrant. Its deliciously velvety texture, the cherry on top.

Villa Maria Marlborough Pinot Noir price in India: ₹1,850 approx

2.Chateau de Fontenille Bordeaux
Quality red wines under Rs 2,000 3

A rich mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, this Bordeaux is chock-full of blackberry and black currant notes. Smooth, deep-hued and fruity, this is a good wine to pick up if you want a more traditional ‘red’ experience. The silky smooth tannins and its pinch of sweet spice add so much to the wine. Its alcohol levels aren’t terribly high either, so if you want a light something to sip on that won’t go to your head, this is your guy.

Chateau de Fontenille Bordeaux price in India: ₹1,799 approx

3. Luz Maria Cabernet Sauvignon
Quality red wines under Rs 2,000 4
This is one of the nicer Chilean merlots on the Indian market.The soft, ripe tannins make it extremely drinkable. Choose this red for sweet plum and raspberry bouquet and its almost velvety texture. This will pair with both red meats but it works particularly well with a roast chicken.

Luz Maria Cabernet Sauvignon price in India: ₹680 approx

4. Danzante Chianti

Quality red wines under Rs 2,000 5
Think of this one as an espresso married with a nice Chianti that you can start drinking at 5pm. The aroma is intense with elegant floral notes–particularly sweet violets. It has notes of dried plum and dark cherry, with nuances of roasted coffee beans. This Italian number is best served at a cool 16 degrees or so with a side of veal or venison.

Danzante Chianti price in India: ₹1,863 approx

5. Albert Bichot Chateau d’ Orsan Cotes Du Rhone
Quality red wines under Rs 2,000 6
A smooth French guy, choose this hard-to-pronounce Cotes-du-Rhone crafted wine if you’re in the market for something with a little more fruit to the palate. Made with a mix of Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre grapes, there are layers and texture to this wine that makes it very enjoyable for somebody who likes their drinks complex.A punch of flavour that tapers off and leave you with a spicy, peppery aftertaste.

Albert Bichot Chateau d’ Orsan Cotes Du Rhone: ₹1,599 approx

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