Sula launches first canned wine in India

Sula launches first canned wine in India 2

Till now u could have a sip of your favorite beer in a cool can, but now you can now crack open a can of fancy wine in India. Keeping in with the spirit of convenience trending high among India’s millennials, Nashik-based winery Sula Vineyards has launched the country’s first canned wine. The Indian winemaker, which holds 60% of the market share, has introduced its eight-year-old brand, Dia Sparkler, in a 330 ml stylish can.

Until now, wines in India were sold in glass bottles with most of the imported brands featuring even corkscrews, positioning the alcoholic beverage firmly in the fine and premium category.

Sula Vineyards is a winery and vineyard located in the Nashik region of western India,180 km northeast of Mumbai. It was founded by Rajeev Samant in 1998. After the launch of its first wines in 2000, Sula expanded from its original 30 acre family estate in Nashik to approximately 1800 acres across Nashik and the state of Maharashtra. Sula introduced grape varietals such as Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling and Zinfandel to India and as of 2013, they held a market share of almost 70% in the Indian wine Industry.

Sula has become the first Indian player in the canned wine segment. The company will sell both of Dia’s red and white wines in cans, giving the beverage a casual and youthful twist. Wine comes at a low (ABV) alcohol by volume of 8% in line with strong beer, making it popular for both public and private entertaining purposes.

“We are on the lookout to bring new experiences to customers. Dia is India’s first wine sparkler in a convenient can,” said Rajeev Samant, founder of Sula Vineyards, in a press statement.




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