Summerhouse café: Review

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The summerhouse café is the perfect hangout spot for a casual and relaxed weekend. This luxury bar has a wooden interior and a rooftop bar to attract the crowd. The place is well known for live gigs, events, comedy shows, talk shows taking place throughout the tiring week. Also, they have a 1+1 deal on IMFL till 9 PM every day! The first, and main floor of Summer House has a slender outdoor balcony with a sitting. The interiors have a long bar, a variety of seating, and a stage set up for live events. The menu contains everything wide-ranging from pasta, pizza, spring rolls to wine, and beers. The must-have is: ‘American Cheesy Spring Rolls’, ‘Veg and Chicken Fajitas’, ‘Chicken Breast With Garlic Pokchoi’, ‘BBQ Grill’, ‘Veg platter’, ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ and the list goes on and on. The wine, beer and cocktails list is quite impressive. Choose a base drink (mojito, martini, margarita, etc) and a syrup flavor and you are good to go. Heads up, Summer House Café’s LIITs are lethal.

Top Dishes

Cocktails, Double Bacon Pizza, Mezze Platter, Pasta, Mezze Platter, Nachos, beers, Tiramisu, Fish

People Liked

Courteous Staff, Friendly Staff, Friendly Service, Rooftop Ambience, Dj, Décor

Nearest Metro station

Hauz Khas

Average Cost

₹2,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol