These 4 mexican wines are worth trying

These 4 mexican wines are worth trying 25

Everyone loves Mexican food and its tequila, but it is also home to the oldest wine industry in North America. In fact, there are several wine-producing regions in the country, with excellent vineyards in the states of Guanajuato, Querétaro and Coahuila. Still the undoubted epicenter of Mexico’s wine country is found on the peninsula of Baja California, where multiple vineyards, wine museums and tasting rooms compete for supremacy.

  1. Casa Madero

These 4 mexican wines are worth trying 26

With a vineyard located in the Parras region of the northern state of Coahuila, Casa Madero was founded in 1597, making it Mexico’s very first winery. The company produces a broad selection of red, whites and rosé wines. The wine is ruby red with purple sparkles, aromas of blackberry, plump and fruity flavors and tastes best when served at 16 degree Celsius .

2.     Freixenet

These 4 mexican wines are worth trying 27

Located in the central state of Querétaro, Freixenet México is the wine brand produced in the Finca Sala Vivé vineyard. As part of the region’s Wine and Cheese Route, the company offers tours of the grounds and an excellent restaurant. Freixenet México specializes in sparkling wines, of which the Sala Vivé Fruité is a particularly fresh and delicious example.

3.     Monte Xanic

These 4 mexican wines are worth trying 28

Monte Xanic Calixa Rosado Grenache 2008 contains 100% Grenache. It exhibits   the flavor of lilacs, and fresh red fruits. The medium intensity and excellent complexity add to its superior quality. The flavor will give you a taste of wood in the barrel. The wine is perfectly balanced and ideal for pairing with Asian cuisine, chicken, Spanish omelet, grilled steaks, pizza and desserts such as red fruit cake overall making it a delight for Indians too.

4.     Adobe Guadalupe

These 4 mexican wines are worth trying 29

Adobe Guadalupe produces classics like Gabriel 2016. The blackberry and dark cherry offer fabulous flavors. The slight acidity and medium tannins integration make it powerful on the palate. It is elegant wine with persistent acidity and has a long finish. The red fruits are strawberries, coffee, and red cherries. It has spicy notes from American oak barrels and is aged for11 months in French. This wine goes perfectly with grilled red meats, roasted chicken and different types of cheeses and tastes best when served at 10 degree Celsius.