The myth about getting drunk at higher altitudes!

You must be well aware of the claim that higher altitudes get you drunk faster and keep you warm. It is believed that due to lower oxygen levels at the altitudes, the alcohol can be quickly absorbed in the blood and get to your head faster than you think. This is entirely a misconception!

In fact, alcohol is a powerful effect at higher altitudes. 2 bottle of alcohols taken at high altitude is equal to 4-5 bottles taken at sea level. At high altitudes, the body is already low on oxygen and the body has to vigorously function in order to breathe in more of it, therefore, consuming alcohol can further make you breathe deeply and may cause Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) and other altitude sickness problems.

Consuming alcohol in the mountains doesn’t make you warm, instead, it moves the blood away from your core body and rests it on to your hands, toes, etc that’s why you feel warm. This is not good for your health. Dehydration is a prime problem in the mountains and a small glass of alcohol can cause more of it.

How to drink alcohol safely at higher altitudes?

  1. Take it easy on the first day and keep yourself hydrated
  2. Take a nasal spray and humidifier to get rid of the dryness
  3. Drink alcohols with low abv(alcohol by volume)
  4. Take your medicine if required to beat symptoms like mountain sickness, etc
  5. Don’t eat anything too greasy
  6. Drink more water!


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