Top 5 ‘must-have’ wine accessories every wine lover must own

To experience the true art of drinking wine, you need more accessories other than just a bottle and glass. These tools are actually going to enhance your adventure with the drink and make it much more enjoyable!

We’ve come up with the list of 5 handy accessories you should stock up before opening the uncorking your next wine bottle!



Top 5 ‘must-have’ wine accessories every wine lover must own 2

One of the most important and reliable tools needed is a sturdy wine bottle opener. These come in many shapes, sizes, and costs. The best classic ones are Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener or the Waiter’s Friend. In the past, before the invention of the bottle opener, corks were removed with an existing tool used to clean muskets.




Top 5 ‘must-have’ wine accessories every wine lover must own 3

It is assumed that a wine glass doesn’t make a difference, but believe me it definitely does! Go and buy yourself two decent pairs of glasses one for red and the other for white wine. The white wine glass should be narrower and smaller than the red but both should have a curved shape i.e wide at the bottom and thinner near the top. A Japanese study showed that the shape of the glass affects the flavor of the wine perceived. Crystal glasses always beat regular glasses because they can be spun to have a strong, yet thin rim.




Top 5 ‘must-have’ wine accessories every wine lover must own 4

Decanting wine is a simple method of exposing the wine to oxygen, to separate the wine from its sediments. These tools increase the rate at which oxygen brings forth the wine’s best characteristics. Most often red wines are decanted and aerated, but they are perfectly suitable for some white as well.




Top 5 ‘must-have’ wine accessories every wine lover must own 5

You don’t need to cover your leftover wine with its original cork as it is hard to put back, use a wine bottle stopper instead. These are available in many shapes, sizes and costs. Nowadays, decorative stoppers are popular, which shut out the air in the wine but, do continue the oxidation process. If a wine stopper is not available, plastic wrap can also be used to cover the mouth of the bottle.




Top 5 ‘must-have’ wine accessories every wine lover must own 6

The nice quality glasses you use also have to be washed with great care. You can do so in a dishwasher but, that’s a lot of work, instead pick a lint-free polishing cloth and use it after you’re done drinking. The polishing cloth can effortlessly clean the glassware without leaving any small fibers of the cloth or stains behind.


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