Top 5 wines in India

Top 5 wines in India


Top 5 wines in India 2

Sula Rasa is best served at 16-degree Celsius. A complex wine with power finesse but regardless termed as India’s best, Sula Rasa is stored for 12 months in premium French oak barrels and then further matured in the bottle before its release. It is produced in the Nashik Valley, Maharashtra. It can be best paired with chocolate, barbeque, and Gouda Parmesan cheese. To fully enjoy this special wine, it is recommended that the bottle is opened and kept for 30 minutes prior to being served slightly chilly.

Price – Rs.1500 for 750 ml


Top 5 wines in India 3

Relatively higher priced, this is a brand of Frantiis Vines and is known for the aroma and flavors. This is one of the most popular brands in India and is known for its taste. SETTE meaning ‘Seven’ in Italian is a dream that the seven brothers of Fratelli had. The dream came true when the vintage of 2009 gave an exceptional high quality product. The top 1% of the grapes from the Fratelli’s estate-owned vineyards in Akluj near Pune go into fulfilling this dream. Piero Masi’s (Creator Fratelli Wines) signature blend, SETTE is a barrel-aged red wine, matured in French oak for fourteen months. Mr. Steven Spurrier (International Wine Writer and Wine Consultant) had stated that he feels that SETTE could become the first Indian Icon Wine.

Cost – Rs 1600 for 750 ml

3.      Chene By Grover Zampa

Top 5 wines in India 4

This award winning red wine from the Grover Zampa label is aged for at least 15 months in the French Oak barrels that give it a certain distinct flavour.The top notes of blackberry, currant, and ripe plums are followed with hints of spices, vanilla and roasted coffee beans.This wine is a signature blend of Tempranillo and Shiraz grapes and is one of the bestselling reds from Grover Zampa company.

Price – Rs 1900 for 750 ml

4. Big Banyan Merlot

Top 5 wines in India 5

Serve this Merlot totally chilled and enjoy the flavoured scent of dark cherries, plums and berries with cocoa and black pepper. The wine is medium bodied, slightly dry, thanks to the soft tannins. Pair it with grilled meats, grilled veggies, pastas and many of the lighter Indian dishes that aren’t too heavy on the spices. The wine is a perfect one for a lazy lunch with light eats and plenty of friends.

Price – Rs 725 for 750 ml.


Top 5 wines in India 6

Myra launched with a segmented portfolio across 3 distinct categories – entry level, premium, and super premium. They launched a red blend in 2016 called Misfit – a limited edition bottle. The blend is of a Classic Sauvignon and fruity Shiraz aged in French oak barrels for 18 months but also retained the natural characteristics due to being unfiltered. The aroma comes with a strong berry whiff. The taste is spicy & fruity and ends with a medium sweet finish. This is also India’s first unfiltered wine and is produced in Bengaluru.

Price – Rs 1500 for 750 ml

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