Try Juhu’s latest entrant all day space – Cafe 49

Try Juhu’s latest entrant all day space - Cafe 49 25

With the onset of summer, Mumbai’s temperature is set to soar to 35°C. This jump in the weather naturally makes everyone look for ways to cool off – from air conditioners and coolers, to some refreshing drinks and cocktails of course.

Juhu’s newest entrant all day space, Cafe 49 has got you covered with their distinct range of cocktails and mocktails to beat this scorching heat. All their cocktails are unique from one another, and are concocted using Vodka, Gin, Rum or Whiskey. Not only do they make for a perfect drink on a hot summer day, but are also lip smacking. For the ultimate summery feel, you can try some of the favorites like the Uptown Martini – made using Gin, Green Apple & Cherries, Shooting Star – made with Vodka, Cointreau & Raspberry, Lost Garden – made with Rum, Malibu & Coconut Cream, or the High Tower – which is a simple and elegant blend of Whiskey, Honey & Ginger Ale. Their iconic taste combinations bring together sweet fruity flavors and will keep you cool and energized during this warm summer.

If you too are looking to host a brunch or sundowner for your friends and loved ones, Cafe 49 is the place to be. This all-day space, it is a perfect little spot for animated coffee dates, intimate group dinners and cozy catch-ups over cocktails.

With the addition of bright colours, delicious aromas and fun garnishes, the cocktails are sure to give your drinks a new world of sensory appeal. So whether you are looking for beachy cocktails or fruity favourites, their seasonal cocktails will give you an authentic taste of summer.

Address: Cafe 49, The Emerald Hotel, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai – 400049

Time: 11 am to 11 pm