Why Royal Salute is a must try whisky

Why Royal Salute is a must try whisky 25

Royal Salute must be in your bucket list this calendar week. The Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Signature Blend, was created in honour of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, has been an icon whisky for many years–and a constant special for many whisky lovers across the glob. It’s obvious that the new edition is as exciting a prospect. The porcelain emerald flagon comes bearing a blend made with 21 single malts from the 5 regions of Scotland, brimming with notes of orchard fruit and layers of soft spices.

Why We like: Because it’s an interesting new blend from a whisky genius we’ve always liked, and it has the potential to become a fast classic. That, and the fact that it brings together 21 single malts from the 5 whisky regions of Scotland.

The Notes: It opens with pears, sweet peaches, Mandarin oranges–and just a whiff of sweet violet. It is by no means a light whisky–expect rich sweetness all the way through, coming in through nuances of apricot, creamy vanilla and lingering notes of banana crème brûlée. There’s also a layered note of spicy clove and boiled sweet that round it off.

The Finish: A lingering, fruit finish with a syrup undertone, with just the slight hint of banana.

Pair It With:
While it’s not exactly a dessert whisky, the orchard fruit tones would go beautifully with a piece of stone fruit pie–we’re thinking plum or peach.