Try these 5 cool bars in Mumbai

  1. Aer, Four Seasons, Mumbai

Try these 5 cool bars in Mumbai 2

The dazzling terrace bar at Mumbai’s Four Seasons has the most spectacular location imaginable, overlooking the entire city. Combine that with the skills of an award-winning bartender Varun Sudhakar and his team, and it’s hard to beat this place. A favorite of Mumbai’s party crowd, Aer has quickly spawned many party animals.

  1. Rating(Zomato): 4.1
  2. Must-Haves :Cocktails, Pizza, Mocktails, Sangria, Wine, Pasta, Mojito
  3. Cost for Two:INR 4500 (approx.)



Try these 5 cool bars in Mumbai 3

With a breath-taking view as the Marine drive lights up in the evening, the exquisite kind of seating arrangement with elegant decors and a lovely ambience, romance will definitely be in the air, guys! A perfect location to visit with your loved one, Dome which is perched on the top of the Icon Hotel has all the reasons that can inspire you to be there, especially on a lazy weekend.

  1. Rating (Zomato):4.2
  2. . Must-Haves: Butterfly Chicken, Burgers, Nachos, Pizza, Beer, Fluttery
  3.  Cost for Two: INR 2200 (approx.)


  3. 145 Kala Ghoda

Try these 5 cool bars in Mumbai 4

The name might be misleading butDraught Beer Pitchers with good musicwill surely make you groovy. This groovy bar and casual dining restaurant in Mumbai tops the charts when it comes to best pubs in Mumbai. The decor is quirky with yellow smiley balls, steel kitchen utensils, tea kettles, water buckets, and badminton rackets all combined together in a curious installation on the ceiling.

  1. Rating (Zomato):4.7
  2. Must-Haves: Freakshakes, Cookie Shot, Nutella Milkshake, Spinach Salad
  3. Cost for two: INR 1500(approx)

4.   Woodside Inn

Try these 5 cool bars in Mumbai 5

Over the charming bar at Woodside Inn are beer bottles set in ornate box picture frames. This is just a flavour of the carefully considered décor, from the inside, the beautiful gothic arch appears like the outline of a fireplace, welcoming in the punters. These and other touches fill Woodside Inn with references to English culture and evoke feelings of an English pub. Also, it offers the best view to Mumbai nightlife on weekends as it is brimming with people ready to party. Also, the food is delicious and will definitely take care of all your hunger pangs!

  1. Rating (Zomato):4.2
  2. Must-Haves: Beer, 4-Cheese Pizza, Cocktails, Pesto Pasta, Sangria
  3. Cost for two: INR 2000(approx)

5.     R’Adda

Try these 5 cool bars in Mumbai 6

Designed to look like a local neighborhood bar in New York R’ADDA has some quirky Mumbai nightlife set up in the ambiance filled with some real show-stealers. The whole ambiance created by small things like the local touch menu, tableware, quirky Indian text, the small carts and buckets and everything makes the whole place one of the best night out places in Mumbai.

  1. Rating (Zomato):4.4
  2. Must-Haves: Keema Pav, Crunchy Chicken Burger, Cocktails, Pav Bhaji
  3. Cost for two: INR 1200(approx)



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